Skills Focused

The Skills Focused Program is a pared-down version of the Blind People in Charge Program that provides specific non-visual training to blind, deafblind and low vision adults in Grater Victoria; these students require focused learning in one specific area of blindness skills, such as how to use a talking computer, how to use an iPhone with Voiceover, or how to read Braille. These students usually are not able to make the full commitment to the Blind People in Charge Program, or they already have most skills and just need to focus on a certain area

The PTCB has been providing this program informally since the centre’s inception in 2013; however, the program is now more formalized.

As in all PTCB programs, students are self-referred, a medical referral is not required. Students are encouraged to commit to attending the program for a 1 or 2 hour training session once a week.

Students identify the specific skill they are wanting and ready to learn. From this discussion, the student, with support from a staff member, determines general goals and specific objectives, which guide lesson planning.

Instructors deliver training one-on-one, or in group sessions, and they teach using the centre structured discovery model of teaching, where students are encourage to problem solve and to take charge of their own lives and learning

As in all PTCB programs, students wear learning shades during training sessions to help build confidence and encourage the use of other senses.

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